Noelle Stout TeachingDr. Stout teaches courses in cultural anthropology, gender and sexuality, and visual anthropology. She also trains graduate students in a year-long video production, the capstone course for the Graduate Certificate in Culture and Media at NYU. Learn more about the award-winning films produced in this program.

Since arriving at NYU, Dr. Stout has supervised doctoral candidates in cultural anthropology and master’s students in Latin American Studies.

Dr. Stout has also served as a faculty mentor to the Native American and Indigenous Students’ Group at NYU.

99 percent of Dr. Stout’s NYU students stated in their course evaluations that they would recommend her as a professor.

She has been recognized for excellence in teaching by Foothill College and Harvard University and received the 2014 Golden Dozen Teaching Award from NYU.

Recent Courses
Human Society & Culture
Visual Anthropology
Video Production Seminar I, II
The Anthropology of Sex & Gender (Read one of the course blogs.)
The Anthropology of Sex (Graduate core course co-taught with a biological anthropologist.)
Directed graduate reading: Masculinities
Directed graduate reading: Intimate Economies of Latin America

A course blog by Noelle Stout

A course blog featuring student-generated posts. Anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston on cover image.